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GeoCT-I  -- On-Site and Real-Time Automatic Refraction Tomography

GeoCT-I presents an innovative refraction imaging technology that can help you automatically and instantly perform travel-time picking, quality control, and nonlinear tomography from input SEG2 data.  With GeoCT-I installed in a seismograph or a laptop computer, you can see the image of the near-surface Earth structure while striking a hammer!  The software package allows you to solve the problems of refraction survey design, acquisition QC, imaging, and interpretation all together right at the working site with minimum user interference.  It also proves to be an effective and efficient tool for the need of education and research.

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Software Features:

Automatic Imaging

  • Detect an incoming SEG-2 file automatically, and then load it for processing One-by-One mode: after picking each shot, perform tomography once with current existing data, applicable to the acquisition process in the field or resolution studies.   All-in-One mode: perform tomography only after picking all the shots in the current project folder, applicable to the situation when all the shots already exist in the disk

SEG-2 Display

  • Adjustment for Data Selector, Scaling, AGC, and Rasterizer                                                                                                    Annotation editor for users, and interactive mouse cursor coordinate                                                                                Defining geometry and topography if missing in the SEG-2 header

Time Picking

  • Automatic picker (default), manual line and point pickers                                                                                               Automatically check pick quality, if poor, waiting for user to pick manually

Flow Control

  • Full automatic flow from SEG-2 Picker or Time Display to Tomography                                                                           Independent manual control from SEG-2 Picker or Time Display to Tomography

Model Display

  • Six choices for color tables, active message for cursor coordinate and velocity in the model display window                          Place a label of the true velocity value on the velocity model automatically



GeoCT-II  -- Complete Seismic Traveltime Tomography for Geophysical Engineering

"With Capabilties from Oil and Gas Software, but Simplicity and Economical Price for Engineering Users"

-- GeoCT-II User Comments


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GeoCT-II on Windows is designed for performing seismic traveltime tomography under any survey geometry for engineering applications.  The seismic data may be collected on the surface, between two holes, or on each side of a concrete construction.  When you have a traveltime file ready, all the input parameters in the Tomography module are optional, you may simply click a button and leave everything to the software to handle.  It is easy, and it is extremely fast!

A total of nine modules together give you all the tools that you will need for tomographic imaging.  In brief, each module has the features described on the right:

Time Picker: SEG2-SEGY converter, two manual and two automatic pickers, SEGY header analysis and editing, and more ...

View Time: displaying and analyzing traveltimes, reciprocity check, automatically detecting and removing poor picks, QC tomography results, creating velocity model from data, extracting partial data or resorting the data, and more ...

View Model: displaying and analyzing velocity models, overlaying raypaths and/or reflectors, extracting or extending velocity models, converting model to SEGY format, re-griding velocity model with a different grid size, and more ...

Raytracing: wavefront traveltimes and raypath calculation for refraction, reflection, crosshole, single-well, and VSP geometry, and geometry builder ...

Tomography: nonlinear tomographic imaging for refraction, crosshole, and VSP geometry, reliable and fast solution, with or without a starting velocity model, with or without any input parameters, joint survey geometry, applying well-log controls ...

Migration: refraction traveltime depth migration, creating migration data from refraction traveltimes, performing migration for imaging refractor under complex overburden velocities ...

Build Model: interactively creating arbitrary velocity models with or without velocity gradients, drawing arbitrary objects, interfaces, or reflectors, converting to grid velocity models, and modifying grid models ...

Raypath: displaying and analyzing raypaths, showing each receiver-source pair connection.

Utility: creating velocity models from refraction picks, creating velocity models from well logs, and adding topography, many more ...

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