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Comprehensive 3D Workbench
Noddy is a comprehensive 3D workbench for modelling and visualisation of complex geological events and geophysical simulation of magnetic and gravity responses.

Visualise Results in 3D
Apply any sequence of folding, faulting and intrusion to an initial model and visualise the results in 3D. Modify any of the geological events to determine the impact on the final geological view. Simulate the magnetic and gravity responses.

Unravel Geological History
Compare your responses to geophysical surveys to help unravel a complex geological history.

Easy Geological Modelling
Your models are built from a sequence of geological events that include folding, faulting, unconformities, shear zones, dykes, plugs, homogeneous strains and tilts.
These events are applied sequentially to a layered stratigraphy to simulate possible earth processes that could explain current geological settings.
Properties assigned to the original layers are propagated through the model volume to provide a framework for simulation of the magnetic and gravity response of the subsurface.

Geological Visualisation
Noddy makes visualisation of complex structural models a simple and rewarding task. Build block models, voxel views, maps, sections, geological surfaces, boreholes, stereographic projections, topography and animations. 

View a Demo of  Noddy:

Geological Events
  • Sequential geological events are applied
  • to an initial stratigraphic sequence. The
  • events can be applied in any order to
  • construct a complex geological model.
  • Base stratigraphy
  • Folding
  • Faulting
  • Unconformity
  • Shear zone
  • Dyke intrusion
  • Plug intrusion
  • Strain
  • Tilt
  • Foliation
  • Lineation
  • Alteration
  • Import block model

Geophysical Modelling
The magnetic and gravity response of your geological model can be computed no matter how complex. This is achieved by summation of the individual contributions of each volume
element (voxel) in the 3D model. Generate synthetic airborne surveys along pre-determined flight paths or build images of the magnetic and gravity responses. Compute the first and second vertical derivatives of your potential fi eld models.

Three methods of magnetic and gravity computation are available in Noddy:
  • FFT spectral
  • Approximate convolution
  • Full convolution
Models can be computed for barometric, draped and borehole surveys with computation of the total field and X,Y, Z components.

Geophysical Visualisation
Visualise your computations as images and contour displays or export them for visualization in your mapping or image processing system. External information can be introduced into the event sequence as unconformity surfaces and block models.
You can use the borehole option to generate physical property and lithology models at intervals down the hole. Noddy also computes the fi eld response in a borehole.

Rock Properties
Each voxel has a series of associated properties that include, lithology, alteration, anisotropic magnetic susceptibility, remanence and density. Alteration events can modify the existing properties or replace existing values depending upon the alteration style.
Intrusive events can have a replacement halo that changes the magnetic properties surrounding the intrusion.

  • The diverse range of presentations
  • enable you to comprehend complex
  • geological events and gain unique
  • insights into structural processes. Not
  • only can you see a map view of the
  • geology, you can see a 3D block model
  • and the magnetic or gravity response.
  • 3D block models
  • 3D chair displays
  • 3D voxel models
  • Geological maps
  • Dip and strike symbols
  • Contour maps
  • Geophysical images
  • Geophysical contours
  • Geophysical profi les
  • Topography maps
  • Cross-sections
  • Boreholes
  • Stereographic projections
  • 3D topography
  • 3D triangulated surfaces
  • Movie generation

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