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    One software package for nearly all wave data like GPR, reflection or refraction seismics.


    REFLEXW is the new WindowsNT/9?/2000 software generation of REFLEX for the 2- and 3-dimensional processing and interpretation of reflection, refraction and transmission data. 
    The different available modules of Reflexw are described below. If you are not interested in the individual modules but in special applications, please use the four links below: 


    Apart from the complete range of the standard filter- and CMP-processing steps many elements especially designed for various applications are incorporated: 

    3D-datainterpretation incl. calculation of timeslices 

    picking of first arrivals or horizons 

    wavefront-inversion of first arrival traveltimes 

    raytracing using a Finite Difference approximation of the eikonal equation 

    tomographic interpretation using SIRT 

    Simulation of the wave propagation using a Finite Difference (FD) approximation of the elastic or electromagnetic wave equation 


    The following modules of REFLEXW are available:

    module 2D data-analysis for GPR, reflection seismics, refraction seismics, borehole-borehole data 
    Many different processing possibilities - interactive processing of single files or by generating a batch-file, one- and multi-channel filters, editing, static correction, deconvolution, migration and much more. All processing steps are documented. 
    Easy Import of data of many different formats (e.g. SEGY, SEG2, most of the GPR- and seismic systems (for example: GSSI, RAMAC, PULSE-EKKO, ABEM, OYO, Summit and so on), integration of other non-standard formats. 
    conversion of single sections and of a profile sequence (automatic assembling and storing of the sections under one single datafile or automatic generation of datafiles for parallel and inline- sections). 
    Velocity analysis of zero offset or shot data using an interactive hyperbola or line adaptation or an intercepttime method 
    Picking of arrivals - manual, automatic or semi-automatic, ASCII-conversion of the picks 

    module CMP-processing and 1D-velocity analysis for GPR, reflection seismics and refraction seismics 
    single-shot data processing (sorting, display, processing, NMO-analysis, stacking) 
    interactive analysis of CMP- or shot-data using a semblance analysis or an interactive adaptation method calculating either the reflection hyperbolas (reflection seismics) or the complete traveltime branch including diving waves (refraction seismics). 

    module 3D data-interpretation for GPR and reflection seismics 
    Display of x-,y- or z-slices. The slices are either displayed in manually scalable windows or by moving through the 3D-cube using a track bar. 

    module traveltime analysis for refraction seismics 
    Interpretation of refraction seismic first arrivals. The module includes various sorting and combining possibilities for the picked traveltimes. These combined traveltimes are the bases for a FD based wavefront-inversion. Different raytracing methods are available for the evaluation of synthetic traveltimes. An interactive 1D-velocity analysis tool allows the adaptation of the complete traveltime branch including diving waves. 

    module forward modelling/tomography for simulating the electromagnetic and seismic wave propagation in a 2-dimensional medium using a Finite Difference scheme. A tomographic approach based on SIRT is incorporated for the inversion of the traveltimes.

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